Queen Victoria ( May 24,1819 - Januuary 22, 1901 ) was daughter of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent and Strathearn and Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Saalfeld, and granddaughter of George III and the niece of her predecessor William IV. Victoria was queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland from June 20,1837, and the first Empress of India of the British Raj from May 1, 1876, until her death in 1901. Her reign as the Queen lasted longer than that of any other British monarch before or since. Her reign is also the longest of any female monarch in history. The time of her reign is known as the Victorian era, a period of industrial, political, scientific and military progress within the United Kingdom.

Type: SL (Special Lady)
Name: Queen Victoria
Year: 1970 to 1986

These SL Queen Victoria puppets were part of a group of puppets called "special ladies and gentleman". They were created to be collectibles and were sold at the higher end department stores like Harrods and Hamleys in London. There is not an exact list of all the "special" puppets produced and fakes have been made. All the original ones were made from high quality fabrics and furs. Papers with their hand written names were pinned to the puppets bodies to identify who they were. The heads of these puppets were usually the Cinderella and Prince Charming heads, but others were used.

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