Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II (1955)

The picture left appeared in several Newspapers in May 1955.
It shows Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II visiting the British Industries Fair on the 10th May 1955.

During an interview Bob Pelham told how he was introduced to the Queen and Prince Phillip. He was asked a number of detailed questions about the puppets and when he had started making them. Bob commented that Prince Phillip seemed greatly interested in the puppets and how they worked.

The Queen was very happy to watch a puppet show of "How much is that Doggie in the Window".

During the show The Queen went behind the stage and one of Bob Pelhams most treasured photographs shows the Queen working a "Mitzi" with the helping hand of Mrs Daphne Allen who was at the time the Harrods demonstrator.

This picture was used on the 1956 company calender.


The Queen, Mrs Oblige and Bob Pelham
Bimbo talks to Prince Phillip


A smiling Bob Pelham and Prince Phillip

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