The Pelham Family

These pictures are from the Pelham Family album. We would very much like to thank Mike Pelham for the use of these family photographs.

Bob and Anne Pelham were married in Abinger Common, near Dorking, Surrey (1951)

Bob and Sarah enjoy a day by the seaside

Anne, Mike, Sarah and Bob Pelham enjoy a moment with the Dogs

Bob Pelham showing off his newly aquired 1926 Bentley. After so much trouble with this car he almost always purchased new cars rather than secondhand.
The person looking into the cockpit is master wood carver Gil Leeper.

Mike Pelham on a visit to the UK in November 2000.
Mike now resides in the USA and at the time was designing computer chips.

Company records clearly show that during the early to mid 80's Mike, Anne Pelham and the rest of the board worked tirelessly to try and keep the company's head above water. These were the days when almost all of the UK was on a three day work week. Inflation was at an all time high and however hard they tried something seemed against them.

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