Over the years Pelham Puppets and others have created a host of accessories to make playing with and collecting the puppets more enjoyable.

They include make it yourself puppet kits, books of plays, drum kits, and even a full puppet stage.

Below you will find a list of accessories and dates of when they went into production.

If you know of any other Pelham created accessories let us know and send full color pictures to us and we will include it in our database. Thanks


  • "Book of Plays" by Joan Field
  • Double Kit - made 2- 12"puppets
  • Puppet Theater 40"x30"x18"
  • Sets of Scenery in black and white that could be colored: Included Medieval Kitchen, Market, Village, Palace Interior,Woodland and Country Scenes
  • Lighting Equipment
  • Gramophone Record of Music for plays


  • Single Kit - made 1- 12"puppet
  • Animal Kit - made 1 animal


  • Glove Puppet Stage
  • Scenery was cut down to only: Kitchen, Market, Palace and Country Scene


  • There were 4 options for Books of Plays; No.1 - Six Plays, No.2 - Six Plays, No. 3 - "Book of 12 Plays" by Jan Bussel for Pelham Puppets, and No.4 - 6 Plays for Junior Range.
  • Drum Set for the Pelpop Drummer


  • Books of Plays reduced to only 12 Plays by Jan Bussel and 6 Plays for Junior Range


  • Theater changes it's look to blue and gets fancy

Club Badges

Theater and Scenery

Books of Plays

Animal Kit

Watch out for puppets from kits made to look like real Pelham Puppets such as "Wags" the dog and "Winkle" the cat. One distinction is the controller is usually different. The one included in the kit was made from a round dowel rod.

Notice the image of the grey and white dog. This puppet was made from a kit to look like a Pelham Puppe'ts "Caesar" and incorrectly identified by David Leech on page 39 of his book Collecting Pelham Puppets. The puppet was never made to deceive anyone intentionally, but it shows how a simple mistake in identifying a puppet and publishing it like in a book or on web site can change a kit puppet or "fake" into a real Pelham creation.

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