It is the desire of this site, Pelham Puppets Online (or PPO),  to allow people of all ages to share and enjoy the hobby of collecting Pelham Puppets. Just like any free web site there are rules that will be asked to be followed by everyone using the site. These rules will allow everyone the same equal opportunity to share in the site. To that end there are two areas available to visitors of the site, the Public Area and Members Area.

The first is the Public Area where individuals can look up basic information such as history, timeline, and puppet types as well as pictures of the Pelham Puppets. You do not need to be a registered member to use this area. 

The second is the Members Area where registered members can see much more information and use the Pelham Puppet Online Forum to talk about Pelham Puppets, post sales and trades, and participate in various discussions.

In order to become a member and use the forum, it will be expected that any person will follow the rules. PPO reserve the right to cancel a membership without saying why but this will normally be for anti spamming protection only or rule breaking. Once you have registered we ask that you fill in the information in your profile and we make it clear that we will not share sell or share this information. Joining the site is a voluntary action.

By joining Pelham Puppets Online as a member you will be agreeing to follow the policies set forth:

 Comments in the members forum must be kept to Pelham Puppets and Puppetry in general.

 Personal harassment by and to members will not be tolerated and membership will be revoked by the management team for violation of this policy.

Posting of personal photos are to be kept to images owned by the person posting only and will be used by PPO on the PPO site only. They may not be copied and reused on any other sites for personal or other reasons. Persons who post their own images understand that they own the rights to their own images however by posting on PPO they agree that PPO has the right to display the image in the manner in which it deems appropriate for the site. Removal of photos by members to post on other sites or for other reasons, can lead to termination of member privileges.

Please note :

Due to copy write infringement issues and potential lawsuits we ask members to refrain from the posting of links to other web sites unless they have asked and been given permission by the site administrators. Posting any image is saying you have permission or own the copyright as we have no way of checking, if in doubt ask the PPO management team. 

If you wish to post a link to your own site or advertise any other site please email the management team through a private email and provide the sites address. We will clear the approval once we have viewed the site, however we will not ask the sites permission as this will be a huge task. This is a measure to stem the ever increasing tide of spammers. Unfortunately, violation of these policies can lead to removal of the member from the site.

We ask that if there is any doubt ASK.

By using this site you are agreeing to these policies and you understand that this is a not for profit web site and as such is open to everyone willing to follow the policies laid out.

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