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Bob Pelham had a love for clowns, of that there is no doubt. In the late 1940's when he was creating his puppet company one of the first puppets he created was a clown.

Clowns were used throughout the company's history as comical ambassadors for Bob to use in drawing the public to his puppets. At trade fairs, demonstrations, television programs and in print. Pelham Puppets introduced the world to Bimbo, Clever Willie and all their clown friends.

Clowns were produced in virtualy all types, from the small JC, LS, SL, SS, SM, Woodenhead, Display, Glove, Vent, Professional, right through to 7 foot high giant displays of various shapes and sizes.

The most famous and well liked clown was named Bimbo. To read more about Bimbo CLICK HERE



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