(DP Range)24 inch high
made from 1977 to 1992

The first Minnie Mouse had a bright red dress with a blue bow on her head. She stood 24 inches high.

The second version in 1989 saw a change to her dress being a light red with a pink bow on her head

(DL Range)18 inch high
made from 1983-1992

In 1983 Pelham Puppets introduced a smaller range of display puppets. These were only 18 inches high. At first Minnie Mouse was released with a light pink skirt with pink polka-dots and a white shirt and a matching pink bow with polka-dots on her head.

In 1992 her outfit changed to a red skirt with white polka-dots, white shirt and a matching red bow with white polka-dots on her head.

dl 2 minnie mouse 2.1.jpgdl 2 minnie mouse 3.1.jpgmini_mouse_2.jpg


(DL Range)30 inch high
made in 1992


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