The Glove puppet range was made from 1949 to 1992 but had several gaps where they were not produced

An early 50's sales leaflet listed the following

  • GS standard characters as listed under type SS. Boy, Girl, Clown, Sailor, Policeman, Queen, Gypsy, Cowboy, Cowgirl, Nigger boy and girl, Dutch boy and girl, Mexican boy and girl, Chinese Man and Woman, Russian man and Woman, Tyrolean boy and girl, Pirate man and Woman, Golliwog, Pinocchio, Fritzi and Mitzi
  • G.L. Shaped heads with more amusing expressions including Punch and Judy characters
  • The Bookworm family
  • GM with opening mouths, characters under type SM Old man, Old lady, Schoolmaster, Clown, Farmer, Huntsman, Chef, Parson, Policeman, Russian Man and Woman, Dandy, King, Witch, Devil, Villain, Harlequin, Nigger Minstrel, MacBoozle and Mrs MacBoozle.

However it should be noted that a GS version of many of the GM range were made. It seemed at the time the factory would make what was ordered

Punch and Judy Range

First made in the 50's and then re-introduced in 1981 at the same time as the Animal Range of Glove Puppets

Punch and Judy Set

left to right, Policeman, Punch, Judy, Dog Toby, Clown, Beadle, Hangman, Doctor

Disney Range

  • Micky Mouse
  • Minnie Mouse
  • Pinocchio

Others Known

  • Hansel
  • Gretal
  • Mr Turnip
  • Cat
  • Bengo (Large Head mould)
  • Bengo (Small Head mould)
  • Santa
  • Dougel
  • Florence
  • World Cup Willie (1966)
  • Noddy
  • Big Ears
  • Sandy MacBoozle
  • Dwarf
  • White Rabbit (Alice)

Animal Range

First prototypes were made in 1963, just after the factory fire the new 63 Animal range was produced and at the same time a series of glove puppets were produced but did not go on sale. In 1980 these were discovered in Bob Pelhams office and the range was then made and sold going into production in 1981. Below is a list and the sales leaflet.

Frog, Owl, Fox, Rabbit, Squirrel, Cockerel, Hedgehog, Crow


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