Danot (Magic Roundabout)

BBC1 TV UK-France
Creator: Serge Danot
Writer: Eric Thompson
Stop frame animated series. A French show turned into a British classic.

The stories of young Florence who travels to a magic garden with her bouncy pal Zebedee and has adventures with all the other creatures there including Dougal the Dog, Dylan the spaced out Rabbit, Ermintrude the Cow, Brian the Snail, and Mr MacHenry with his magic bicycle.

Narrator and writer Eric Thompson ignored the original French scripts and instead produced a show ideal for the trippy, swinging sixties.

In 1992 Channel Four bought the rights to a further 52 French shows not seen in Britain. Thompson had died so Nigel Planer stepped in to provide the script adaptions and narration.
Pelham characters produced:

  • Brian The Snail (Jumpette)
  • Dougal (Rod Puppet)
  • Dougal (Glove Puppet )
  • Ermintrude (Jumpette)
  • Florence (Rod Puppet)
  • Florence (Glove Puppet)
  • Florence (Jumpette)
  • Mini Dougal (Jumpette Puppet)
  • Mr Rusty (Rod Puppet)
  • Mr Rusty (Glove Puppet)
  • Mr Rusty (Jumpette)
  • Mrs Dougal (Rod Puppet)
  • Zebedee (Rod Puppet)

Images show:

  1. Bob Pelham and Serge Danot standing behind Magic Roundabout rod puppets: Florence, Mr. Rusty and Dougal. 
  2. Rod Puppets: Mrs Dougal (Always dark), Mini Dougal and Dougal which is not truly a rod puppet but has a sort of soft handle underneath to control it.
  3. Florence Glove, Mini Dougal and Mr Rusty Glove
  4. Animated Display
  5. Animated Display 

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