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Charles M Shultz created the "Peanuts" gang in 1950. It started as a weekly comic strip and soon gained many followers.

His beloved characters, Charlie Brown, Snoopy and Woodstock were turned into Pelham puppets in 1980. They were made of a different design and the parts were made of composition.

After a while Pelham Puppets decided to try something new, and make them entirely of plastic parts. The parts were made by a different factory out of town in Devizes. When they arrived at the shop, they were sent home with workers to assemble at home and string and box them.

It was this machine made process of making plastic parts that started the decline of Pelham's hold in the industry as "handmade one of a kind" toys. The puppets didn't last long and soon were discontinued in  1985 when the company was sold to Charles Wrey.



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