SL Puppets

slStringed puppets, SL thought to refer to Stringed Luxury puppets

This is the puppet normally with the molded head.

At first it was only used for character puppets such as TV stars, Cinderella and the Alice in Wonderland series but later many other characters were made.

Strung on a "standard control".

The largest range of characters are of this type including the 1963 range and these are listed seperately

The company also placed Clever Willie into the SL range even though he had a turned wooden head but only because of his price which was the same as the normal SL Range. Rupert the Bear was placed in the SS range yet is a SL puppet, again due to being the same price as the standard SS range.


Alice (SL)
Archie Andrews (SL)
Baby Bimbo (SL)
Ballerina (SL)
Bank Manager (SL)
Beefeater (SL)
Belle of the Ballet (SL)
Big Ears (SL)
Bimbo (SL)
Bleep (SL)
Bom (SL)
Booster (SL)
Brains (SL)
Bunnygirl (SL)
Caterpillar - Furry (SL)
Charles I (SL Special)
Charles II (SL Special)
Charlie (SL)
Charlie Brown (SL)
Cinderella (SL)
Cleopatra (SL Special)
Clever Willie (SL)
Colonel Beetroot (SL)
Cook (SL)
Daisy Duck (SL)
Davy Crockett (SL)
Devil (SL)
Donald Duck (SL)
Dr Beaker (SL)
Duchess (SL)
Dwarf (SL)
Edward VI (SL Special)
Fairy (SL)
Fairy Godmother (SL)
Fish Footman (SL)
Friar Tuck (SL)
Frog Butler (SL)
George I (SL Special)
George II (SL Special)
George III (SL Special)
Gepetto (SL)
Goofy (SL)
Gretal (SL)
Guardsman (SL)
Hansel (SL)
Harris Tweed (SL)
Henry V (SL Special)
Henry VII (SL Special)
Henry VIII (SL Special)
Henry VIII wife - Anne Boleyn (SL Special)
Henry VIII wife - Anne of Cleves (SL Special)
Henry VIII wife - Catherine of Aragon (SL Special)
Henry VIII wife - Jane Seymore (SL Special)
Henry VIII wife - Katherine Parr (SL Special)
Henry VIII wife - Kathryn Howard (SL Special)
Huckleberry Hound (SL)
Humpty Dumpty (SL)
James I (SL Special)
James II (SL Special)
Jiminy Cricket (SL)
Jimmy Gibson (SL)
John Bull (SL)
John Bulldog (SL)
Julius Caesar (SL Special)
Kermit the Frog (SL)
King - Alice Range (SL)
King Neptune (SL)
Knave (SL)
Lady Penelope (SL)
Lettuce Leaf (SL)
Mad Hatter (SL)
Maid Marion (SL)
March Hare (SL)
Mary I (SL Special)
Mary II (SL Special)
Mary Queen of Scots (SL Special)
Matthew Matic (SL)
Merlin (SL)
Mickey Mouse (SL)
Mike Mercury (SL)
Minnie Mouse (SL)
Monkey (SL)
Mr Turnip (SL)
Mr. Jinks (SL)
Noddy (SL)
Parker (SL)
Pierrot (SL)
Pink Panther (SL)
Pinky and Perky (SL)
Pinocchio (SL)
Pluto (SL)
Pop Group (SL)
Pop Group - Drummer (SL)
Pop Group - Guitarist (1) - Original Head (SL)
Pop Group - Guitarist (2) - Drummer Head (SL)
Pop Group - Guitarist (3) - Sax Player Head (SL)
Pop Group - Sax Player (SL)
Prince Albert (SL Special)
Prince Charming (SL)
Princess (SL)
Prof Popkiss (SL)
Queen - Alice Range (SL)
Queen Anne (SL Special)
Queen Charlotte (SL Special)
Queen Elizabeth I (SL Special)
Queen Victoria (SL Special)
Red Riding Hood (SL)
Robert Dudley (SL Special)
Robin Hood (SL)
Rotundon (SL)
Rupert the Bear (SL)
Sarah Swede (SL)
Scott (SL)
Sherlock Holmes (SL Special)
Snake Charmer (SL)
Snoopy (SL)
Snow White (SL)
Steve Zodiac (SL)
Swedish Boy (SL)
Swedish Girl (SL)
Tex Tucker (SL)
The Boy (SL)
Torchy (SL)
Trug (SL)
Tufty (SL)
Twizzle (SL)
Ugly Sister 1 (SL)
Ugly Sister 2 (SL)
Venus (SL)
Virgil (SL)
Wart (SL)
White Rabbit (SL)
William III (SL Special)
William IV (SL Special)
Woodstock (SL)
Yogi Bear (SL)

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