The Story of Alice In Wonderland

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  The story is actually made up of two stories;  Alice's Adventures In Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass ,written by Lewis Carroll. His actual name was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson and he was a lecturer in mathematics at Oxford University. He used to love to tell fantastical stories to the local children. One of these lucky children was Alice Pleasance Liddell who was a daughter of a local Oxford dean. One summer when she and her sisters were on holiday with Charles he began to tell them of the magical mixed up stories of a fictional girl named Alice, who after seeing a curious looking white rabbit dressed in a waistcoat and carrying a pocket watch, chased after him and fell down a hole into the magical world of "Wonderland". Alice loved the stories so much that Charles endeavored to write them all down to present to her for Christmas.

By 1865 Charles had finished writing them all down and Alice's Adventures In Wonderland was published under his pen name Lewis Carrol, with marvelous illustrations by Sir John Tenniel. It was these illustrations that Percy Mortimer and Gill Leeper used as reference to create the early lines of Alice and Cinderella.

  Seven years later he followed up that book with the sequel  Through the Looking Glass where Alice revisits "Wonderland".

Also in the story Humpty Dumpty makes an appearance.humpty_dumpty_tenniel.jpg - 53.69 Kb

There have been numerous productions in print, film and television but the most famous by far is the Disney version made in 1954. In it the Disney animators took parts from both books and made their own version. CLICK HERE for more information on the Disney animated version.

But prior to that in 1936 Mickey Mouse had his own trip to wonderland in the animated short Thru the Mirror

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There were 11 puppets in the original line of characters which were ceased in the mid-fifties

In 1989 a Humpty Dumpty and a new updated Alice were introduced.


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