The Story of Cinderella

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The story is as old and as varied as time itself. Many scholars believe the first written record to be from China in the 9th century (around 850-860 AD) .

The story involves a young girl who's father has fallen under the spell of an evil woman (after his wife dies) and who then marries him. The Step Mother has two daughters from a previous marriage and it is these two who she heaps her affections on. After Cinderella's father dies, the step mother begins to treat Cinderella like a servant, forcing her to wait on her and her daughters hand and foot.  In the Chinese version there was no fairy godmother but a magical koi fish that gave the princess advice. In the end she meets a prince who takes her away from her life of servitude after he discovers the wonderful, beautiful girl underneath the rags.

In France, Charles Perrault's version in 1697 entitled  Contes de ma Merel'oye included  animal friends/helpers, a fairy godmother, magic, the glass slippers, and even the pumpkin carrage and ball.

Versions exist from as far away as Vietnam, Italy, Egypt, Australia, and even the native Algonquin Indians of America.

The most famous (next to the Grimm Brother's German version named  Aschenputtel or Ash Girl ) is the Disney animated version of 1950. Click Here for more information on the Disney version.

 There were 5 Puppets made from the story:

  • SL Cinderella
  • SL Prince Charming
  • SL Fairy Godmother
  • SL Ugly Step Sister 1
  • SL Ugly Step Sister 2


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