The Story of Hansel and Gretal

 The story of Hansel and Gretal originated in Germany. The Brother's Grimm recorded it as  Hänsel und Gretal. Charles Perrault wrote a version in France based off of this story called Le Petit Poucet.

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The story goes something like this:

Hansel and Gretal are the children of a poor woodcutter. Fearing starvation, their step mother convinces their father to lead the children into the forest and leave them there. Over hearing her plan the two kids gather white pebbles from the front garden to leave a trail for themselves home.

After her first attempt fails, their stepmother convinces the woodcutter again to abandon them further in the forest so they cannot find their way back.

 This time Hansel only has bread from the sandwich he has for lunch. So he leaves a trail of bread crumbs. Unfortunately, birds in the forest eat their trail of breadcrumbs, causing Hansel and Gretel to become lost.

In the forest they find a house made of candy, with sugar windows and a cake roof. Hungry and exhausted, they begin to eat it. Unknown to them is the fact that the house has been built by a witch to lure children, so that she can capture them,fatten them up and eat them. She tricks Hansel and Gretel in saying they can rest and prepares a big dinner for them. She locks Hansel in a cage, and makes Gretel her servant, ordering her to feed Hansel to fatten him so she may eat him.

In the end Hansel and Gretal escape by pushing the witch into the oven and killing her.

Pelham Puppets created their Hansel and Gretal puppets based off of the stop motion animated feature of 1954 entitled Hansel and Gretal: An Opera Fantasy with music by Engelbert Humperdink

Below are pictures from that feature:

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