The Story of Little Red Riding Hood


 The origin of this story is one of the more gruesome ones. The earliest known printing is by the author Charles Perrault in his collection entitled Tales and Stories of the Past with Morals, Tales by Mother Goose. in 1697 . In it a little girl travels through a dark scary woods to see her ailing grandmother. In the woods she comes across a wolf who deceives her into giving the information he needs to find her grandmothers house, where he eats the grandmother and then lays a trap for the girl. In the end the girl winds up being eaten by the wolf and the story ends, no happy ending. The moral was for young children to learn not to talk with strangers.

In the 19th century the Brother's Grimm rewrote the story in their collection and changed the ending to a happy one, where the grandmother and girl live and are saved by the Woodcutter.

The story is one of the most well known and studied of all the Storybook tales.

Bob created several Pelham Puppets that were used by children to enact this story:

  • SS Little Red Riding Hood
  • Animal version Wolf
  • SM Old Lady
  • SM Woodcutter
  • SL Little Red Riding Hood
  • SL (63 Range) Wolf


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