The Story of Robin Hood

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The Story of Robin Hood dates back to before the medieval ages. It has it's roots in fact. In around 1290 AD a man named Rogen Godberd was a historical outlaw of Sherwood Forest. His companion named Little John and his scruffy associates robbed from the rich passing around and through the forests. Records show that the early shorthand name for such robbers was Robyn Hude. He has appeared in Ballads, story, movies and song. Everyone recognizes the familiar green tights and pointy green hat and of course his bow. Guy Fawkes and his men were even branded Robin Hoods.

Drawing on the Cinematic and Visual versions of the characters so well known, Pelham Puppets created their own versions of some of the characters from the stories. In 1989 three characters were released:

  • SL Robin Hood
  • SL Maid Marion
  • SL Friar Tuck



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