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The Story of Snow White

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 The story of Snow White is well known and has been around for many years and can be found in the cultures around the world including Iceland, Russia, Germany, and Brussels. It is believed to have it's origins in the Middle Ages. The story is of a young girl with lips like a red rose and hair black as night, who after her mother dies in childbirth with her is raised by he father and an evil step mother. After her father dies her step mother tries to have her killed by a loyal servant / huntsman who cannot bring himself to do it so she runs from him into the woods where she meets and befriends 7 dwarfs / miners. After her step mother finds her alive in the woods and  poisons her, she is brought back to life by a prince.

The Grimm Brother's version from Germany had all the recognizable traits ( like the 7 dwarfs which were unnamed, the magic mirror and the evil step mother ) that the later Disney's 1937 animated version had with minor differences. To see more about the Disney version click here.

Pelham made original versions of Snow White and the 7 dwarfs in SS and SL versions in the early years, and then later made several different Display versions

here is a picture of some original Pelham versions



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