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William Timym or "Tim" as he was come to be known, was born in 1901 in Austria. He developed a weekly comic strip named "The Boss" in Austria and in 1938 left Austria to flee the Nazi occupation. He settled in England and started cartooning again. In England he created more strips including "Wuff, Snuff and Tuff" and for the Sunday Dispatch his most popular "Caesar" in 1946.

Wuff, Snuff, and Tuff

wuff  tuff and snuff 2.jpg - 19.58 Kbwuff snuff and tuff.jpg - 33.46 Kb "Wuff, Snuff and Tuff "was a comic about the adventures of three little puppies. They were very popular and spawned toys, books, and collectibles.

Pelham puppets created all three puppies individually as well as a version with all three attached to a single controller.



Puppets made:

  • Wuff - Black and White (Animal Range)
  • Snuff - Brown and White (Animal Range)
  • Tuff - Beige and White (Animal Range)
  • Wuff, Snuff, and Tuff together on one controller (Animal Range)


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Created in 1946 for the Sunday Dispatch, "Caesar" was the story of a grown up dog and his owners.

puppets made:

  • Caesar (Animal Range)
  • Caesar (Minipup Range)





Bengo the Boxer Puppy

Created in the late 50's, Bengo was a little curious boxer puppy with many friends. One of his closest friends was a little black and white cat bengo3.jpg - 6.80 Kbnamed Mitzi. He also had a dalmatian friend named Simon and a chiuaua friend named Pepi. Bengo appeared on television as well as the occational annual.

Puppets made:

  • Bengo (Animal Range)
  • Bengo (Display Range)



Bleep and Booster

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In 1963 Tim introduced a new creation; "Bleep and Booster" on the BBC television show "Blue Peter". Bleep was a three eyed alien and Booster was his friend from Earth. Originally in black and white, these five minute animated stories captivated the young audience. Using a style of animation where cameras panned around still drawings,   they were simple to make yet very entertaining. The show eventually spun off into annuals and specials and went off the air in 1977.        

Puppets made:

  • Bleep (SL Range)
  • Booster (SL Range)
  • Rotundon (SL Range)
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